On Monday, Jimi Hunt, motivational speaker and generally interesting dude came to speak to the people of HPSS about life, mental health and living reflectively as part of the week’s focus on the hobsonville habit: “reflective”.  Here is a TEDx talk he did recently.

He is an entertaining speaker and balanced some heavy topics (depression, divorce…) with some highly entertaining tales of the adventures he has invented for himself as a response to boredom, depression and whatever…

Being a teacher, reflective practice is baked into the professional standards required to attain and maintain professional registration, and it is the very core aspect of a teacher’s practice. Without reflecting on your teaching practice, there is no way to know whether you’re doing an OK job, or to come up with ideas for how you might improve your effectiveness.

All well and good, but what does this mean to students? Can I help my hub to see the value in reflecting on their lives and learnings? How?

At HPSS we encourage (strongly) all our students to maintain a “learning journey” blog, which, as part of extended hub time, we get them to reflect about their time at school. It is a valuable exercise and I can see from some of the students that it does help them to think about what they’re doing and (hopefully) why. But it doesn’t work for all students and can be a real challenge to get even a few pixels of blogtext out of them.

I need to reflect on how I am facilitating  these posts so that the students who do find it a chore can begin to recognise the value in doing this for themselves. I don’t know quite how to do this yet.

Not yet.


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